Works concerning folk costumes and folk art during Socialism in Romania. Since 2009 mainly in the context of the Ph.D.-project So Fashionable National – Folk Costumes and Folk Fashion in Socialist Romania at the Bauhaus-University Weimar.
Subject to investigation was the appropriation of traditional dress (as well of traditional handicrafts). To which contexts were they ascribed by the regime in the period 1948-1989? What perceptions of them were distributed? Through what means?
Part of the research were interviews (conducted in Romania between 2010-2011) and the examination of printed media (a.o. folk art monographs and fashion magazines from the socialist period). The analysis of this still scarcely investigated field aims to provide a set of instruments for a better understanding of recent phenomena (for example the more recent embedding of traditional dress and handicraft in national narratives, after 1989).
The project includes works with textiles, clothing, drawings, videos, photographs and printed matter.

Live Hand to Mouth. Resources and Their Economic Usability, since 2001. Works like Group Picture in Weilau (video installation 2007, video essay 2009) and Intimate Outland (a.o. photographs, since 2001).